Overhead view of turkey club sandwich and bowl of butternut squash soup.

Treat Yourself. It’s Spooky Season.

Feel that chill in the air? It means our most favorite time of year is here: Spooky Season. With Halloween on the horizon, we have a line-up of food and drink specials that we think you’ll die for. So go ahead and treat yourself, and don’t forget your camera. These dishes are as pretty as they are delicious.

Blackberry Boos Stuffed French Toast

We’ve got a monster mash up of an SFT for the month. The Blackberry Boos Stuffed French Toast is the creation of our “mad scientist” Chef Randy from our Tempe Squeeze. It fills two slices of our OG toast with a blackberry cream cheese and is set on a plate splattered with blackberry compote. Then it’s topped with candied almonds and key lime whipped cream. Garnishes of blackberries and little sugar candy skulls complete the masterpiece. It’s available at all Squeeze locations for $16.


Flor de Muerte Brunch Punch

A spooky season needs a spooky drink and we have just the elixir to conjure up those brunch vibes. The Flor de Muerte Brunch Punch blends a house-made hibiscus syrup with tequila for a vibrant deep red potion. It’s available at a Squeeze near you for $10.

Want to learn more about the hibiscus flower and how it’s used in food and drink? Martha Stewart drops some wisdom.

Butternut Squash Soup & Turkey Sammie

This is no trick. We’ve heard your requests for a soup and sandwich combo and there’s no better time of year to introduce this perfect pairing. Our Butternut Squash Soup and Turkey Club is a special available just for the month of October. You’ll get a bowl of deliciously seasonal soup and a roasted turkey sammie served on a ciabatta roll with caramelized onions, arugula and bacon. The combo is $14.

Pumpkin Spice Waffle

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice. We did not forget you with this pumpkin Belgian waffle drizzled with mascarpone and topped with pecans. It’s simply perfect. Find it at all locations for $13.